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Design registrations

Design registration – our low cost fixed fees

A Registered Design protects the overall visual appearance of a product or a part of a product. Registered Designs give you exclusive rights in a design, in the UK or EU (registered Community design) for up to 25 years (5 x 5 years, so renewals are necessary). Please note that a design must be new and have an individual character. A design would not be considered new if it has been ‘published’ or made public before the date the design application was filed. However, you can apply to register a design in the UK or EU (Community design) up to 12 months after the designer first discloses it.

The fees are as follows:

UK Design Community Design
Our service charges
Our service charge £225.00 – £500.00* £440.00 – £800.00*
*: depending on complexity of design and number of designs/views to be filed
Official fees with immediate publication
Official fee for first design/view with immediate publication £60 €350
Second to tenth designs – per design/view £40 €175
Eleventh design onwards – per design/view £40 €80

When a design is registered, it is published and therefore publicly disclosed. If you wish to defer this publication, for example, because you are also seeking patent protection, then this is possible against payment of additional fees. For UK design applications, you can defer publication up to 12 months from filing. For EU (Community) designs, publication may be delayed for up to 30 months.

Please contact us for further information and current cost quotes.

The above cost estimates are exclusive of VAT and are subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations and changes in official fees.