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Trademark Frequently Asked Questions

Changes and renewals of your registered trade marks

Can I amend my registered trade mark?

You can only amend a trade mark if your existing trade mark includes your name or address. Changes are limited to that name and address. The alteration of the name must be minor, for example, substituting a new surname after marriage, and not the substitution of an entirely new name.

Can I cancel my registered trade mark?

You can surrender the rights to a registered trade mark at any time.

Can I sell my registered trade mark?

Once registered, a trade mark becomes your property and can be sold as with any other of your property. Once sold, a trade mark must be ‘assigned’ to the new owner in the register.

How long before I have to renew my registered trade mark?

A registered trade mark must be renewed every 10 years to keep your brand protected. Sign up to Trade Mark Direct’s management service and we’ll take care of this process automatically on your behalf.

I missed my trade mark’s renewal deadline – what can I do?

If you miss your renewal deadline for your trade mark, so long as you realise within six months of the renewal date, you can apply to restore your mark.